We’re embracing a future of CALIBRE, also known as Community Aligned Leadership in Brave Representation of Everyone! So we have created a self report tool to help you calculate your CALIBRE.

How does this tool work? How does knowing your CALIBRE help you see yourself as a future political leader?

Put simply, this is a self-reporting tool that is divided into five easy parts. We want you to reflect on the areas of your life where you have existing experience or skills that you don’t necessarily give yourself credit for.

This exercise will focus on 5 key areas:

1. Lived experience – knowledge, life skills, perspective
2. Community involvement – volunteering, organisation, fundraising
3. Strengths – talents, traits, special aptitude
4. Political interest – beliefs, aspirations, the change you want to see
5. Subject matter expertise – focused knowledge from life and work

At the end of the exercise, you can create your own action plan to convert your current CALIBRE into the potential for future political leadership.

We love this for you!

"Calculate your CALIBRE so that you can see yourself as a future political leader, and Women for Election can help you with the rest.”
Licia Heath
CEO, Women for Election

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