EQUIP: Power Edition



Women for Election, newly armed with a $5 million ‘Women in Public Office’ Commonwealth grant, is hitting the road (and dirt tracks) around Australia to bring our free EQUIP: Power Edition training workshop to a town near you.

YOU can be a part of making local councils and parliaments more representative of the communities in which we live!

Do you volunteer for an organisation that serves your community?  Have you rallied friends and neighbours together to create a positive change for your town?

Then you’re already doing the job of a good political representative! It’s time to think what you would do if YOU were at the decision-making table contributing to future policy decisions for your community. Women for Election have trained  nearly 3,000 women and non binary folk to take the next step on their community leadership journey. All of our alumni who’ve decided to run for Council, State Government, or Federal Parliament have won. And some of them have even been elected! That’s because we see running as winning – because you change the conversation in your electorate just by running. Plus, when others watch your experience you inspire them to see themselves as future political leaders.

Our EQUIP: Power Edition training workshop includes tailored content for women living in regional/rural locations, women living with disability, young women (18-28), women and non binary folk from the queer community, culturally and racially diverse women and First Nations women (presented with our partner, Turnstone Collective).

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Our Women for Election trainers remove the mystery around the political process of nominating for community representation and getting elected. You’ll learn about the tools and techniques to enable you to nominate for public office, be the best candidate you can be, or assist another woman with her political campaign. 

Our EQUIP: Power Edition is a FREE, in-person workshop. All you need to bring is your curiosity and a ‘get elected’ attitude.

Once you’ve attended a Women for Election training event, you’ll have access to ongoing support via a new digital education platform, “Campaign in Your Pocket” and a specialised mentoring program.


A quick note on our Terminology: WFE has an inclusive definition of ‘women’. We aim to engage with, and give voice to, the diverse experience of those who may identify as women – including trans, cis and non-binary.

Women for Election are proud to work alongside our consortia partners who enhance this program and support our goal to inspire and equip more women, of all backgrounds and lived experience, into public office:

Ruth McGowan Pty Ltd – Training, content and SME Partner

The Global Institute for Women’s Leadership at the Australian National University – Academic Partner

Quantum Impact Group – Content and Technology Partner

Australian Local Government Women’s Association – Mentoring Partner

Women for Election has developed the new EQUIP: POWER EDITION suite of training and support resources with support from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet‘s Office for Women.

We need more women like you at the table where decisions are being made; at all levels of government. We can help you get elected.


Who can attend  EQUIP: Power Edition events?

Our training events are open to all women – whether you are interested in running for public office, assisting another woman on her campaign, or learning more about our country’s political system.

Please note that Women for Election has an inclusive definition of ‘women’. We aim to engage with, and give voice to, the diverse experience of those who may identify as women – including trans, cis and non-binary.

What is the difference between EQUIP: Power Edition and First Nations workshops?

EQUIP: Power Edition is a full-day workshop designed to provide a comprehensive overview of Australia’s political system to help INSPIRE and EQUIP all women on their political journey.

We also run dedicated, half-day workshop for First Nations women that focuses on some of the key issues encountered by these groups in running for public office. 

We encourage all First Nations women to attend both the First Nations workshops and EQUIP: Power Edition sessions where possible. 

How can I register for the event, and is there a registration fee?

Visit the link for the specific event you are interested in attending, at: https://wfe.org.au/events/. From there, follow the instructions on the event page to register.

Registration for all workshops is completely free, thanks to the support of our funding partner, the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Office for Women.

What is the agenda for the event? 

This workshop will cover some of the key pragmatic information you need to understand how to run for public office in Australia and how the political system works, including: 

  • What’s the time commitment required to run for office
  • What’s the financial commitment
  • Who is eligible to be a Councillor, MP or Senator
  • How can I volunteer for a campaign
  • How does a campaign change if it’s for a local, state or federal seat
  • How does a campaign change if it’s for a major party, minor party or as an independent?
  • How do preferences work?
  • How would I get my messaging right and use social media?

Will there be networking opportunities for workshop attendees? Is ongoing support available?

Yes! We encourage all attendees to network with one another in the break sessions at  the training workshops. This is a great way to start building your political network.

Women for Election is providing additional support to all attendees via our ‘Campaign in Your Pocket’ education resource. By registering for this resource, you’ll get access to additional training resources and a community of women who are united in having an interest in Australian politics.

Is there a list of confirmed speakers or presenters for this edition of the event?

The  content of Women for Election’s EQUIP: Power Edition  training program has been developed by our CEO, Licia Heath, in partnership with Ruth McGowan Pty Ltd, author of ‘Get Elected’. First Nations workshops are facilitated by Turnstone Collective. 

Women for Election  has a team of high-calibre trainers, located all around the country, who have lived experience running for public office and/ or as elected representatives. From time to time, Women for Election will arrange guest speakers at workshop events. 

Are there any special requirements or recommendations for attendees, such as dress code or materials to bring?

We want you to feel comfortable and confident – so wear whatever makes you feel your best! All participants will be provided with a workbook upon arrival. You may also wish to bring a pen, laptop or tablet. 

Are the venues accessible for those in wheelchairs or with limited mobility? What if I have other accessibility requirements?

Women for Election is committed to ensuring our training venues and workshops are as accessible as possible.

Please let us know when registering if you require specific accessibility requirements so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Is there a contact point or customer support for further questions or concerns regarding the events?

Send an email to info@wfe.org.au and we will do our best to help!

"This is the very best short course I have done. For years I have been sitting on many ideas that would improve our lives and the environment. The politics was so daunting though, change felt like a pipe dream. This course has replanted a priceless seed in me to get organised and step up. Only when we see more diverse women in parliament will we see change."
May - WFE alumna