EQUIP women for Local Government elections in NSW | Tune Up Workshop :: Saturday 24 July 2021

Join our FREE “Tune Up” workshop: Women for Election Australia has partnered with the NSW Government to run one final online workshop to equip women to run in the September 2021 NSW local government elections

Maybe you joined Licia and Ruth at one of the seven workshops WFEA ran across NSW, or maybe you were unable to attend but you’re still running in the upcoming election or helping a woman with her campaign.

Either way, this online workshop is for the women of NSW who want to fine tune their election campaign!

Content includes:

  • The final countdown and managing your time
  • New legislation that’s relevant to NSW local government
  • How to campaign in COVID
  • Will you take the pledge?
  • What you should have done/What you need to do
  • Electoral material
  • How to deal with trolls and drongos
  • Answering your campaign questions
  • And more…

Across the country, NSW is the state with the fewest number of female Councillors. We need more women at the table where decisions are being made.

Women for Election Australia provides women with the key knowledge, tools, and techniques to enable them to run for office, be the best candidate they can be or assist another woman with her political campaign. We look forward to helping you get elected! Registration is required.

Date: Saturday 24 July

Venue: Online via zoom

Time: 1.00 pm – 3.30 pm

Licia Heath

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Ruth McGowan
Author, Trainer & Coach

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A partnership between the NSW Government & Women for Election Australia.

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