EQUIP Women for Public Office | Masterclass | Self-advocacy – Why confidence is essential and how to expand this skill

Join this online program to INSPIRE + EQUIP more women to run for public office in Australia


Cost: $45
Date:  Wednesday 18 August 2021
Time: 5.00 – 7.00 pm AEST


So you’re running for election or have attended our EQUIP program and are looking to learn MORE?

The Women for Election Australia online Masterclass Series is a highly practical non-partisan program that provides women with the key knowledge on key topics relating to how to campaign at all levels of government.

Practicing self-advocacy is an important part of ensuring that your hard work and accomplishments lead to achieving your goals be that political, personal or professional. So we’ve asked Kate Boorer and Fiona Pearman, two of Australia’s leading experts on career, confidence and personal brand and authors of Core Confidence, to join us for an interactive and in-depth workshop where they will help unpack some of the roadblocks and barriers that can get in the way of being our own best advocate when it comes to achieving your political ambitions.

Kate Boorer is the founder and CEO of Young Professional Women Australia, Kate is one of Australia’s leading experts on career, confidence and personal brand. Kate is dedicated to enabling women to face, manage and navigate the personal barriers standing in the way of creating the life they want. Kate draws on her results with clients, her passion for driving change and the collective voice of her tribe (YPWA) – this makes her a powerful thought leader for gender equality.

Fiona Pearman is the co-founder of Pearman & Partners and co-author of Core Confidence. Fiona’s interest in supporting gender-balanced workplaces that harness the collective strengths of a diverse workforce was sparked through facilitating workshops for women who were not achieving the career progression they aspired to. Fiona also works with organisations to shift the systemic and structural barriers that impede gender equity.

Women support their communities in so many ways. From running school P&C’s and local sports competitions, to establishing businesses and community campaigns and co-ordinating drought and bushfire relief for neighbours. These leadership skills are highly transferable to elected Public Office, where your work can then extend to helping groups within, and beyond, your immediate community.

We need more women like you at the table where decisions are being made; at all levels of government.

This session will run for 90 minutes. You will need: a computer, access to reliable wifi and social media, a headset and a ‘get elected’ attitude.

Secure your spot now… limited to only 50 people. Register for this event to take part in this increasingly important conversation.

Please note your zoom link will be sent 2 hours before the event and that this event will not be recorded.

We want to help you get elected!

2000 by 2022

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