EQUIP Women for Public Office | National Online Program :: Tuesday Evenings 12 + 19 October 2021

Join this online program to INSPIRE + EQUIP more women to run for public office in Australia


Women support their communities in so many ways. From running school P&C’s and local sports competitions, to establishing businesses and community campaigns and co-ordinating drought and bushfire relief for neighbours. These leadership skills are highly transferable to elected Public Office, where your work can then extend to helping groups within, and beyond, your immediate community.

The Women for Election Australia online EQUIP Program is a highly practical non-partisan program that provides women with the key knowledge of how to campaign at all levels of government. You’ll learn about the tools and techniques to enable you to run for office, be the best candidate you can be or assist another woman with her political campaign. If you are a woman running for office, managing a campaign or wanting to understand more about this political process, then this program is for you!

We need more women like you at the table where decisions are being made; at all levels of government.

This program consists of 2 intensive webinars, held over 2 weeks. Each session will be 2.5 hours in duration. You will need: a computer, access to reliable wifi and social media, a headset and a ‘get elected’ attitude.

Secure your spot now… limited to only 20 people. Register for this event to take part in this increasingly important conversation.


Cost: $240

About our tickets:

WFEA is dedicated to identifying and assisting women from disadvantaged and marginalised communities to access our training modules. Therefore, we provide additional options:

  • Scholarship tickets are available. Please email us at info@wfea.org.au with ‘Request for Scholarship Ticket’ in the email header outlining your circumstances.
  • Pay it Forward tickets can be purchased to enable a woman to attend who is facing difficulty or hardship.
  • Additional Donations can be made to WFEA to assist our work to inspire and equip women across Australia, or all backgrounds and lived experience, to run for public office.


Days: Tuesday Evenings
Dates:  12 and 19 October
Time: 6.00 – 8.30 pm AEST

Licia Heath

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Ruth McGowan OAM
Author, Trainer & Coach

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Sign up for this online program now. Limited to only 20 people. We look forward to helping you get elected.

2000 by 2022

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