EQUIP Women for Public Office | Online Program :: Tuesday Evenings 17 + 24 November 2020

Join this online program to INSPIRE + EQUIP more women to run for public office in Australia

Women support their communities through good and bad times, from running school P&Cs and community campaigns, to co-ordinating drought and bushfire relief for neighbours and local businesses. These leadership skills are highly transferable to public office where your skills can help your entire community.

The Women for Election Australia EQUIP Program is a highly practical online course that provides women with the key knowledge, tools, and techniques to enable them to run for office and be the best candidate they can be. It will also a great resource if you’re assisting another woman with her political campaign. 

If you are a woman running for office, managing a campaign or wanting to understand more about this political process, this program is for you. We need more women at the table where decisions are being made.

This program consists of two webinars, over two weeks. Each session is 2.5 hours in duration. You will need: a computer, access to reliable wifi and social media, a headset, and a ‘get elected’ attitude.

Secure your spot now… limited to only 20 people.

Days: Tuesday Evenings
Dates:  17 + 23 November
Time: 6.00 – 8.30 pm
Licia Heath

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Ruth McGowan
Author, Trainer & Coach

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Content includes: 

  • The role of councillor and understanding your obligations as a candidate
  • Planning your campaign part 1: building your team, and developing your game plan.
  • Planning your campaign part 2: develop your communication plan, fundraising, media, and using technology to reach voters.
  • The pointy end: meeting deadlines, election publicity, election day, and what comes next.


Sign up for this oline program nowLimited to only 20 people. We look forward to helping you get elected.

2000 by 2022

If you’re already aware of the great work we do at WFEA, please share this event with friends, colleagues and family members who might be interested in attending.

If you want to support WFEA deliver courses and support women seeking a place in public office, please make a donation.

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