The Women for Election EQUIP program is Australia’s first non-partisan, online political campaign workshop. It is designed to provide in-depth, practical training for female candidates and female campaign managers in advance of Local, State and/or Federal elections in a cross-party environment. 

What is covered in the program?

At EQUIP, each woman develops a clear election strategy and plan for the forthcoming election and practices and receives feedback on core campaign skills in a workshop environment, including:

  • Campaign Planning and management for either Local, State or Federal elections
  • Budgeting and Fundraising
  • Engaging with the community, canvassing skills, developing campaign collateral
  • Public speaking, media and social media skills
  • Legal duties and responsibilities of Public Officials
  • Managing difficult people
  • Personal wellbeing and resilience

Who should participate in the EQUIP program?

  • Women who have an immediate interest in becoming more politically involved – as a campaigner, candidate or campaign manager – and who may consider putting themselves forward for election in the future
  • Women with leadership potential outside of politics – in business, trade unions, or the community and voluntary sector – who seek to influence politics or may consider politics as a future avenue in their career


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We need more women like you at the table where decisions are being made; at all levels of government. We can help you get elected.

"This is the very best short course I have done. For years I have been sitting on many ideas that would improve our lives and the environment. The politics was so daunting though, change felt like a pipe dream. This course has replanted a priceless seed in me to get organised and step up. Only when we see more diverse women in parliament will we see change."