Women for Election Code of Conduct for events, including observing WFE’s values of collaboration and inclusion. 

Women for Election’s remit is to provide training for women and non-binary people only.

What you can expect from Women for Election events:

  • Inclusive & accessible programs;
  • A non-partisan approach;
  • Access to a coveted network;
  • Invaluable training to prepare women for political roles, and
  • Clarity regarding what it takes to obtain and maintain a political role.

Our programs address the barriers women face when they run for public office; also known as the ‘5 Cs’:

  1. Cash: women have less access to campaign resources than men
  2. Candidate selection procedures: the processes by which political parties select candidates can pose a significant obstacle to women’s political participation
  3. Culture: a gendered culture can be prevalent across, and within, political parties
  4. Caring responsibilities: women are more likely to have these responsibilities
  5. Confidence: women are less likely to put themselves forward for selection

Event Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct (Code) forms part of the Terms of Participation for the Event referenced in this document.

The Code establishes the behavioural standards to be observed by WFE staff, contractors, trainers and event attendees, contractors, volunteers and suppliers in connection with the Event. It aims to ensure that high levels of safety and professional conduct are maintained from and towards all personnel attending WFE activities, during and outside of official activity hours. The standards set out in the Code apply to any activity or communication that occurs face to face, as well as on any virtual event platform.


WFE staff, contractors, trainers and attendees must behave respectfully at all times. The standards of professional behaviour to be observed include (without limitation):

  • Show respect towards others at all times, including being considerate, cooperative and collaborative;
  • Present and behave in an appropriate manner;
  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure own safety, including in relation to the responsible consumption of alcohol;
  • Follow the reasonable rules, policies, directions and other practices required by WFE or any venue hosting the Event; and
  • Alert WFE Trainers if a potentially unsafe situation is observed or suspected.

Prohibited behaviour includes any behaviour that is unacceptable or unwelcome, and includes without limitation:

  • Harassment whether direct or indirect (words or actions directed at a person that annoys, alarms or causes substantial emotional distress);
  • Discrimination whether direct or indirect (treating someone unfairly because of race, colour, sex, sexual preference, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, family responsibilities, pregnancy, religion, political opinion, national extraction or social origin);
  • Sexual harassment (unwelcome, uninvited conduct that is offensive from the view of the person harassed, regardless of intent; unwelcome sexual advances, unwelcome request for sexual favours, any other unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature);
  • Physical abuse and uninvited physical contact;
  • Intimidation, threats (implied or real) of any form whatsoever, as well as verbal abuse including any unwelcome or discriminatory comments in relation to an individual;
  • Defamatory comments of any nature;
  • Displaying, sharing, sending or discussing inappropriate material e.g. offensive words, images or media in any form whatsoever, suggestive comments or jokes of a sexual nature;
  • Disruptive or anti-social behaviour;
  • Unexplained absences from commitments;
  • Consumption or possession of illicit drugs;
  • Inability or unwillingness to conduct oneself professionally, including as a result of drunken behaviour;
  • Any unlawful behaviour of whatsoever nature, and
  • Any damage to property of whatsoever nature.

Should any prohibited behaviour be observed, anticipated, suspected or reported, WFE may take any reasonable measure that it deems necessary to ensure the safety of others, and/or the maintenance of a professional environment. Such action may include refusal of entry to, or removal of one or more individuals from the Event, and any future activities undertaken by WFE, at its sole discretion.

Any prohibited, unwelcome or unprofessional behaviour that is witnessed or suspected, should be reported immediately to a WFE  representative immediately. Confidentiality of the reporting individual will be maintained where it is practical to do so. Reports will be treated seriously and investigated. Appropriate action will follow

COVID-19 – Terms of Event Participation

In registering for a WFE  in-person event, the delegate also agrees to the following:

  • Mandatory attendance tracking
  • Adherence to the relevant government health and work safety advice in the location of where the event is held
  • Adherence to social distancing and hygiene protocol
  • Abstaining from an event if closer to the event date the delegate develops or displays any symptoms that are similar to COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat and runny nose)

People should not attend the event if they are positive for COVID-19 or are displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

Upon review of your ability to meet the criteria outlined above, WFE reserves the right to cancel participation at an event in order to ensure that high levels of safety are maintained for all event participants.