We help women who want to be more active in politics but don’t necessarily know where to start. Women for Election is here to deliver a transparent and supportive pathway for women into Politics.

Our guiding principle and number one focus is the greater participation of women in the Australian democratic and political process. We encourage, support and champion women to consider participating in the political life of our country by standing for office, working on a political campaign or just becoming better informed about Australia’s political systems. Simply, our aim is to equip all women interested in taking part in political life with the knowledge and skills to feel confident in their ability to contribute in whatever way they choose.


Maybe you want to stand with a major party, a minor party or as an independent. Maybe you want to run for Council or for a Federal or State seat. Here are some initial steps you can take:

  1. Check your eligibility to run for office in Australia
  2. Help out as a volunteer on someone’s political campaign
  3. Hear from women who’ve been elected


  1. EQUIP yourself with the tools to run for office 
  2. Attend a MASTERCLASS to deepen your political and campaign knowledge
  3. Collateral for getting elected

Inclusive & accessible programs.
A non-partisan approach.
Access to a coveted network.
Invaluable training to prepare women for Political roles.
Clarity regarding what it takes to obtain and maintain a Political role.

Our programs address the barriers women face when they run for public office; also known as the ‘5 Cs’:

  1. Cash: women have less access to campaign resources than men
  2. Candidate selection procedures: the processes by which political parties select candidates can pose a significant obstacle to women’s political participation
  3. Culture: a gendered culture can be prevalent across, and within, political parties
  4. Caring responsibilities: women are more likely to have these responsibilities
  5. Confidence: women are less likely to put themselves forward for selection

When thinking about running for public office in Australia, candidates need to consider if they’re going to run with a major party, a minor party, or as an Independent. Our candidate EQUIP training can help you run through the pros and cons of how to run, and this Political Parties resource has been compiled to help you understand the breadth of political parties in Australia and how to contact them. 




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