In Conversation | Fatima Payman :: Recording

Fatima Payman is a Senator for Western Australia, she is an Australian Muslim with cultural roots from Afghanistan. 

Fatima’s dad arrived in Australia as a refugee and worked hard to provide for her, her mum and her siblings. Her father instilled in Fatima the values of hard work and perseverance. She has seen his experience echoed in the lives of many of the workers she has met in her time as an organiser at United Workers Union. 

In 2018 Fatima lost her Dad to Leukemia. This was the turning point in Fatima’s life that made her truly appreciate his struggles.

Fatima has put her hand up to represent people like her Dad and other hard working Australians, striving to make ends meet and giving life their best shot. Fatima is passionate about breaking down barriers for women and young people, and encouraging them to voice their opinions. Fatima wants to give back to the community that has given her so much.

Fatima began volunteering by raising funds for Penny Appeal Australia while tutoring high school students. She joined the Edmund Rice Centre to help develop and upskill young community leaders. Since 2017, Fatima has worked closely with WA Police to help them better understand the barriers faced by youth and culturally diverse communities.

Watch her In Conversation with our CEO, Licia Heath…

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