Podcast: BroadTalk. Women. Power. The World. Licia Heath.

Our CEO Licia Heath recently spoke with Virginia Haussegger for her Broad Talk podcast.


With only 31 per cent of federal MP’s female, Australia ranks a poor 50th in the world for women in parliament. In 120 years, Australia has had just one female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.But while the impact of women’s absence from political leadership has become a common theme in media and public discussion, the actual representation of women has been slow to shift. Licia decided someone had to garner the passion and energy in all our talk, and turn it into action. And that someone was her!

Not only did she step up for one of the toughest by-elections in the nation, but when she failed to win, Licia turned her efforts to teaching other women how they too could andshouldhave a go. She is now CEO of the not-for-profit groupWomen For Election Australia, and has trained hundreds of women how to rattle and shake their inner political clout!

In this 2021 series of BroadTalk, journalist Virginia Haussegger tackles the policy and the personal issues around gender equality, as she asks are there yet? And if not, why not.


Listen to the podcast here or on the Acast website.

It’s an important discussion and a great listen.

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