Politics in Colour: Candid Conversations – Kimberley Women Making Political History :: Wednesday 17 February 2021

For the first time in Australia’s 200 years of colonised history, three Aboriginal women from the Kimberley region have been pre-selected to run in the WA State Election in March 2021.  Milli Hills will stand as the Nationals candidate, Divinna D’Anna for Labor and Naomi Pigram for the Greens.

Women for Election Australia is delighted to partner with Kimberley Birds and Women’s Business to bring you this online panel discussion. The Politics in Colour: Candid Conversations Series provides a forum to interview politicians and candidates who are Women of Colour and for you to hear about their political journey and ask them questions.

Facilitated by Kimberley Jiyiga’s Natasha Short and Women’s Business’ Kat Henaway, this Candid Conversation invites three Aboriginal female leaders to yarn about why they’ve decided to run in the state election, how they plan to help their community and why they want to see more Women of Colour get involved in the political process.


Politics in Colour:
Candid Conversations – Kimberley Women Making Political History

Milli Hills – Nationals WA candidate

Born and bred in Halls Creek with Bunuba/Kija traditional ties within the Fitzroy Valley and the Kimberley back Rangers that encompass the Derby, Wyndham and Halls Creek shires, Milli is married with 3 children and 4 grandchildren. Passionate for the Kimberley region and the people that have made the Kimberley their home, Milli loves working with the community to identify issues and solutions that affect their everyday living.

Millie is currently the Chairperson of Yura Yungi Aboriginal Medical Service in Halls Creek and Board member of Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Service, where Aboriginal people’s Health, Education and Employment issues are always at the forefront of our discussions.

Divina D’Anna – WA Labor Candidate

Divina is a Yawuru, Nimanburr and Bardi woman and a local Broome resident.  Being born and raised in a large family that extends right across the Kimberley, she has a strong sense of identity, connection and belonging to the region.

Through her own lived experience growing up in the Kimberley, as well as having 20 years work experience in community development, social justice, native title and suicide prevention, Divina is well informed and attuned to what needs of the region.  She strongly advocates for education, employment and training for young people, access to quality health care, safe and adequate housing across the region, as well as more support to empower and strengthen families to overcome social disadvantages.

Divina has decided to stand with Mark McGowan and the Labor Government as Health, Housing, Education and Economic Development are shared priorities that align with her vision to drive change in the Kimberley region.

Naomi Pigram – Greens WA Candidate

Naomi is a descendent of the Yawuru and Wadjarri people of Western Australia and as a barefoot kid from the Kimberley region, born in the late 70’s, she has seen many challenges growing up in the region she calls home.

With over 25 years in the Community Service and Arts Sector, Naomi is extremely passionate about our young people and their families and has, for many years, witnessed their struggle and pain as they try to navigate a system which rarely hears their voice. She is a vocal advocate for the complete ban of fracking across the Kimberley and passionately supports the protection of the Fitzroy River as a precious life source to the Kimberley.

Naomi truly believes in the integrity of The Greens and its foundations of social justice, grassroots democracy, ecological sustainability and peace. She hopes to proudly represent the Kimberley people and vows to do so with integrity, respect and truth.

Days: Wednesday
Dates:  17 February
Time: 3.00 – 4.30 PM AEST, 12.00 – 1.30 PM AWST
Cost: Free

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