Calls for the Liberal Party to introduce gender quotas

Radio: ABC NewsRadio. Calls for the Liberal Party to introduce gender quotas

Quotas have been shown to work, where targets on their own have failed. They’re clearly a big part of the solution. But we have an urgent problem facing the Australian Parliament – it’s about the safety and wellbeing of female MPs and staffers in Parliament today. We need urgent reforms and safeguards to ensure no women experiences what’s alleged to have happened to Brittney Higgins in the Parliamentary precinct again. AND we need to be focusing on the barriers many women face when running for office.

WFE will work with all women who want to become representatives for their community. We will provide them with access to women who have taken that step and want to share that experience. Politics is tough – and you have to be ready for that, so we also want to empower women by providing some of the tools and training necessary for public life. And we want to create networks of women so that nobody feels like they’re doing this alone.

Jenny Morris, Founder & Chair, WOMEN FOR ELECTION spoke to ABC NewsRadio’s Glen Bartholomew about calls for the Liberal Party to introduce gender quotas.

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This interview was originally published on the ABC NewsRadio website.

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