WFEA Parliamentary Friendship Group: Dr Katie Allen MP

The Women for Election Australia Parliamentary Friendship Groupis a non-partisan initiative, to redress the gender imbalance in political representation across all of Australia’s parliamentary chambers; from Canberra to our local council chambers. This group will bring together female and male champions from across party lines and states to show support for the work WFEA is doing out in the community

Dr Katie Allen MP, Member for Higgins, for the Liberal Party and member of our Parliamentary Friendship Group, answered a few key questions about being a woman in Australian politics.

How did your political journey start?

What do you want to achieve by being a founding member of the Parliamentary Friends of Women for Election Australia?

As a woman, what is the worst misogyny you have faced in your career (be it political or otherwise)?

What would you change for women who want to run for public office in Australia?

We look forward to future events with our Parliamentary Friendship Group and sharing with you the outcomes of our collaborative work. Stay tuned for future profiles and updates!
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