Women for Election In Conversation: Interrupted June 2020


Today at 1pm our Women for Election Australia event webinar was hacked by people who feel challenged when women speak out. These people are more commonly known as misogynists.
A misogynist can be a man or a woman (in this case it was men) but is defined as a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.
As our mission is to help inspire and equip more women in Australia to run for public office, and as our following and impact grows, we expect to be challenged by people who get uncomfortable when women get power. 
We want these people to know that we’re comfortable with their discomfort and we will not sway from our mission. One day soon even the misogynists will be the benefactors of more women in our Parliaments. Until then, we will persist. 

We will be conducting more In Conversation sessions in the coming weeks… we will persevere. 

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