Women for Election In Conversation with Cathy McGowan :: Recording

We recenlty hosted an In Conversation with Cathy McGowan.

Whenever anyone tells you that only the big parties or star candidates have a chance of winning a seat in federal parliament, just say ‘Cathy McGowan’.

Cathy McGowan came to national attention when she won the seat of Indi as an independent in 2013, becoming the first female independent to sit on the crossbench. Winning the seat of Indi, after the Coalition had held the seat for 82 years, was a watershed moment and became a roadmap for future political campaigns:  from Kerryn Phelps as the Member for Wentworth to Zali Steggall in Warringah.

This In Conversation coincided with the release of her book, Cathy Goes to Canberra, she shares the story about her road to the nation’s capital: and how others can follow in her path. It’s a great insight into connection, community and how to get elected.

Watch and enjoy…

As promised in the video, we are providing links to the books we refered to.

You can purchase Cathy’s book, Cathy Goes to Canberra, and Ruth McGowan’s Book, Get Elected.

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